Why Stake Your Garden Plants?

For generations, farmers have staked their vegetable plants to maximize yields and protect the produce.  But have you ever really thought about WHY you should stake your plants or how it is truly helping them?  Today on our blog we are exploring the question of why to stake your garden vegetable plants?

Research has shown that for both tomatoes and peppers, staking, alongside a healthy growing and treatment plan, can increase quantity and quality of your crop yield.  Whether you are a home grower or a multi-acre farming outfit, your produce can benefit from a well-established staking method.

Why stake your garden? Plant Support

Generally speaking, the chosen method for staking includes vertical uprights (which our very own Everstake is perfect for) that supports the main stalk of the plant.  As the plants grow taller, they are loosely tied with twine to the stakes.  Then, this same twine is run horizontally creating “shelves” of twine that the branches of the tomato plants can be trained to grow laterally across. This gives better support to the individual fruits as they growing preventing them from weighing down the plant.

Why stake your garden? Reduces Loss

Loss reduction is something important to all growers. Whether you are a home gardener or a full-fledged producer farmer, no one wants to watch their time and money be wasted on lost product. Staking helps prevent low lying fruit from making contact with the ground thus preventing rot and mold growth. Certain kinds of stakes, such an our Everstake eucalyptus stakes, can also provide additional loss protecting with its insect repelling qualities from the inherent essential oils.

Why stake your garden? Protects Fruit

As plants grow their fruit is exposed to the elements.  This makes them vulnerable to rot, decay, sunscald and more.  When creating a staked system, you are also providing a protected environment for the fruits by creating a nice canopy of plants over them. This helps to shield the fruits from the elements and allow them to grow properly.

Why stake your garden? Provides Proper Nourishment

We have all seem tomato gardens that look like jungles.  The plant life on the top looks burnt and the foliage near the bottom is rotting from lack of sun or too much moisture.  Staking helps to eliminate this whole scenario by evening out the “zones” of your plants.  Staked plants receive more even nourishment from both sunlight and water.

Why stake your garden? Increases Quality Yield

Properly supported plants produce perfect product yields! Can you say that ten times fast? We just liked the play on words there but truthfully no farming venture will ever be perfect. Staking your produce can, however, help increase yields by lengthening the amount of time that the produce can cling to the vine. Because the plants are receiving proper support and the fruit is not lying on the ground, you can see dramatically increased quality and size of your produce simply because it is able to have its “mother” plant nourishing it longer.

Why stake your garden? Increases Quantity Yield

Not only will your fruit be of greater quality when coming off a staked plant, but you will see far more quantity in your produce production when using a staking system. Staked plants are overall healthier.  Think about it, they are not nursing dying, rotting fruits, therefore, they can produce MORE fruit, on average, than non-staked plants.  It is the same concept as pruning trees to make them healthier.

Many corporate growing outfits have been staking and stringing crops for years.  Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon and stake your plants?  We can help! Call Brad or Tom today and order your insect and rot resistant Everstakes to help you get started on your way to healthier garden today.




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