Fall Vegetable Crops made better with Organic Brazilian Eucalyptus Stakes

Every growers knows that just because summer is gone, work is NOT over! What about fall crops? Growers have been extending their seasons with fall crops for centuries but now, in our time of overused pesticides that are causing all kinds of havoc on planet earth, it is time to look for a better alternative. Keep those fall crops OFF the ground, reduce rot and grow bigger healthier produce with organic Brazilian Eucalyptus stakes!

A fall crops favorite and staple is the squash. These vegetables are particular about their irrigation and support which is why staking is a perfect solution for squash plants. Many varieties of squash can vine up to 25 feet in length making staking a necessity.

From beans to zucchini many vegetable plants / fall crops produce better results when they are supported by a staking system. Similarly peppers and cucumbers also produce larger, more abundant products when their vines are supported and the vegetable is kept OFF the ground. Not only does this prevent rot, it deters rodents.

Everstakes are designed to provide proper support to even the heaviest of fall crop – vegetables or gourds. Square stakes with a point make our Brazilian Eucalyptus stakes EASY to drive into the ground. They are easier to tie off and our design is made to reduce or eliminate slipping after the plants are staked adequately.

Take for example this testimonial from STEVE in Kentucky:

“I was pleasantly surprised to receive my Everstakes, not only did they hold up well in shipping but driving them into our hard limestone ridden soil here in Kentucky was EASY! After using these stakes for an entire summer, I can truly say that my vegetable produced larger fruit in bigger numbers than I have ever seen before. But the biggest shocker was that I NEVER treated my plants with anything like Seven which I normally am forced to do! I am hooked! Everstake customer for life!”

With Everstake we go one step further is supporting your plant’s growth especially for heavier fall crops. You will often hear that Honduran pine stakes are “treated” to help prevent pests. But what are Honduran pine stakes treated WITH?

In recent news we continue to hear about algae blooms that are taking over our natural water ways, Lake Okochobee, and the Florida Gulf Coast being two primary examples and pesticides used by growers and farmers are in the hot seat.

Imagine using a stake that doesn’t NEED a pesticide to deter insects. Everstake is made from high quality Brazilian Eucalyptus which secretes an oil that is a natural pesticide. Not only are your stakes safe, but this will help you reduce the need to spray or powder your crops and plants making for an all over healthier crop or garden.

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