Choose Everstake over Honduran Pine Stakes

Tomato growers have known, for years, the benefits of staking tomato crops. Smart farmers have integrated staking systems to support tomato plants. Staking with Everstake, instead of Honduran Pine allows their tomato and vegetable crops to vine properly, add ventilation to fruit and to decrease the amount of ground rot at their farms.

In addition to added health benefits to the fruit itself, staking plants can add up to considerably increased sellable products. Isn’t this what every grower wants?  Larger yields and healthier crops!

Honduran Pine Stake Negatives.

Honduran Pine may have led the way for growers in previous years, but Honduran Pine has recently seen large infestations of invasive beetles. This has reduced yields, increased prices and decreased overall quality.

Additionally, like domestic pine, Honduran Pine must still be chemically treated to protect the crops from indwelling and acquired pests. For those growers who are looking to yield truly organic products this is NOT an option.

Everstake is organic and more durable than Honduran Pine!

Everstake is the most durable, naturally pest resistant farm and garden stake on the market. Guaranteed against rot* for 4 years, our stakes come with a full replacement guarantee!

Because Everstakes are made from air dried Eucalyptus Grande, one of the hardest woods on earth according to the Janka scale, they are much more durable and last longer than Honduran Pine.

We purchased a load of 5/4” x 5/4” x 72” Brazilian Eucalyptus EverStakes, untreated, for each of our farm locations, to be trialed in our organic production. This wood has shown to be exponentially stronger than the industry standard, Honduran Pine.” ~Michael Borey, Pacific Tomato Growers

Everstake over Honduran PineEucalyptus stakes are naturally pest resistant and do not require chemical treatment.  Eucalyptus stakes have ingrained oils that are a natural pest deterrent. The benefits of Eucalyptus has been realized for many years in health circles and now can be applied to the growth process from the ground up (literally)!

No two stake distributors are the same. Here at Everstake it is our goal to provide you with the exact product that you want, in a timely manner. All of our stakes are completely customizable from length to tip shape. We keep many pallets, in stock, of our popular sizes perfect for growing Roma, Cherry and Grape tomatoes, as well as Peppers and Squash. These durable stakes are on hand and generally ready for shipment within 24-48 hours.


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*4 year replacement guarantee against rot is valid only if stakes are removed from the ground yearly and stored indoors during the off season. Contact a representative for more details.*

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