Eucalyptus Beneficial as a Natural Pest Repellent

Food is one of the most inherent necessities of life.  All over the world, there is need for production of goods for human consumption that can nourish the body and stave off hunger.  In efforts to provide adequate food supplies to the world, growers battle a number of issues, one of the largest being pest control.

As far as back as biblical times, stories linger about crops have being consumed by pests.  If you grow it, they WILL come. HOW to avoid loss due to insects, can be a quandary. For many growers, they choose pesticides. While it has long been a staple of the community, excessive use of pesticides can be harmful to the environment and dangerous for humans as well. The result is a movement to eliminate the the overuse of pesticides.

Luckily enough, the earth offers us natural methods for dealing with and avoiding infestations that are less harmful and readily available.  Researchers are now recommending essential oils as an alternative to chemical pesticides. Easily extractable and non-water soluble, one of the most effective essential oils for repelling pests in gardens and crops is Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus repels and protects.

Eucalyptus offers a variety of properties that act as insecticides and is non-toxic to humans. This makes it one of the more appealing alternatives to chemicals. In addition to its use as an insecticide, eucalyptus essential oil is toxic to microbes making it perfect for deterring bacterial and fungi growth.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations said, “The use of eucalyptus oil as a natural pesticide is of immense significance in view of the environmental and toxicological implications of the indiscriminate use of synthetic pesticides and overcoming/reducing the problem of increasing pest resistance.”

Eucalyptus is safe.

Eucalyptus oil was placed in the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) category and was categorized as “non-toxic” by the USFDA in 1993. Interestingly enough, in recent years, the CDC offered lemon eucalyptus oil as a suggested protectant from West Nile Virus. Researchers have even found that lemon eucalyptus was an effective method for maintaining postharvest fruit freshness without affecting taste.

Eucalyptus makes for better stakes.

Because of its characteristics, Eucalyptus is not only perfect for use as insect repellent. It’s wood is perfect for creating stakes that are strong, long-lasting. Eucalyptus wood stakes also contribute to the overall health of the plants and soil around it. The oils that naturally leach from our eucalyptus stakes help to protect crops. Eucalyptus is inherently resistant to infestations. It’s wood does not harbor harmful insects. Unlike Honduran Pine that often contains beetles which have become a major issue for growers in the past several years.

Ready to try our stakes and see how they can make a change for YOU?  We supply stakes to growers of every size!  From home gardening, to multi-thousand acre farms, we can handle it!

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