Do NOT use Honduran Pine Stakes: here’s why…

Every experienced grower knows that to increase yields and protect crops you should stake your plants.  This helps maximize yields and increase quality. There are options out there for stakes and one of the most universally accepted commercial stake materials is Honduran Pine.  While it has long been a staple of agriculture, we recommend that you do not use Honduran Pine stakes and today’s blog post will tell you why.

Recently, you may have read about or even experienced the outbreak of Honduran Pine Beetle that is ravaging Honduran Pine forests. While growers turned to this wood to increase the durability and lifespan of their stakes, this infestation is now threatening not on the stakes themselves, but crops.  This is a chance that no grower wants to take, nor should they have to.  There is an acceptable and superior alternative to Honduran Pine, Eucalyptus Grande!

Honduran Pine is NOT naturally insect resistant.

In comparison, Honduran Pine is MUCH less resistant to insect infestation, as evidenced by the recent outbreaks of beetles. The infestation in the pine forests of Honduras have gotten so bad, that the armed forces are involved to try and save their forests.  Check out this article about the fight against the Honduran Pine Beetle.

Honduran Pine stakes are often treated with chemicals to make them insect resistant.  This could hamper your organic farming efforts by inadvertently introducing chemicals into your soil and plants. When buying Honduran Pine, you should double check to ensure what particular type chemical your stakes are being treated with.  If the producer is not open about their treatments, then steer clear.

Honduran Pine is NOT naturally rot resistant.

Even when removed from the ground at the end of each growing season, Honduran Pine is prone to rot simply from the organic materials leeched into the stakes while in the ground. Rot is not always wet, dry rot can also play a part in the durability of these type stakes.

Honduran Pine fails at durability.

If you have ever used Honduran Pine stakes you know that in a short period of time, they become brittle and break easily when pressure is applied.  Even mistakes such as kicking a stake to remove it from the ground can easily snap a few year-old Honduran Pine stake.  Eucalyptus stakes are not only more resistant they are flat out tougher.  Check out this video with a comparison of the two and decide for yourself.


The proof is in the video! WOW! When we say that our stakes are "durable" you can't quite understand until you see it with your own eyes. Here is Brad Merry of Everstake demonstrating the durability of the Everstake.

Posted by Everstake on Friday, November 17, 2017

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